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What we do

Graphic Design, Web, Photoshop

We design all digital & print marketing material. We also have Australia wide printers we have sourced and built up a reputation with to provide the best quality printing at the most competitive prices.

How we do it

Freelancing - Contract

We work with clients to provide a professional, approachable and down to earth experience and to create a design concept that is best suited to their needs.


Logo & Corporate Branding

Your brand needs to be unique and memorable to succeed. Corporate branding is the statement that your company makes at every point of contact in the corporate world. Your brand needs to be transalted across all communication platforms.

  • Corporate Identity Branding

  • Logo Design

  • Logo Reproduction

  • Corporate Standards

  • Capability Statements

  • Annual Reports


Printed Media

Although the digital marketing is demanding attention, printed marketing collateral hasn’t lost its relevance. Print materials and promotional products are tangible expressions of your brand and remain vital parts of any successful small business marketing plan.

  • Flyers, Brochures, Posters

  • Presentation Folders

  • Menus

  • Gift Vouchers, Raffles

  • Loyalty Cards, Business Cards

  • Stationery (+NCR)


Websites & Online Advertising

Having a strong online presence is a crucial component of your marketing strategy, no matter what size your business is or what industry it belongs to.

  • Websites - Shopfront / Bookings Calendar

  • Websites - Custom Developed Designs

  • Websites - Wordpress Themes

  • Search Engine Optimisation

  • Domain Name Registration

  • Hosting Plans

  • Facebook Advertising Campaigns

Personal Design

Event Stationery, Personal Memories

Custom designed invites, stationery and personal memories will create a truly stylish and memorable event. Birthdays, milestones, weddings and other special moments can all have a touch of magic about them when themed with the correct stationery.

Personally designed photo collages and gifts are the perfect way to display your favourite images. Canvas’s, photo books and large printed frames are all ways of showing off your precious memories.

  • Photo Collages

  • Invites

  • Order of Service

  • Personal invites, messages

  • Event Stationery


The Art of Retouching

Photoshop allows us to stretch the possibilities of photography almost as far as our imaginations can reach.

Photoshop is also an invaluable tool for photo manipulation, colour & image correction or just to create a special effect.

The purpose of image restoration is to “compensate for” or “undo” defects which degrade an image. The skills used in this process are not easy to learn but the end result can be nothing short of amazing.

  • Image Restoration

  • Colour Correction

  • Photo Manipulation

  • Photo Collages

  • Special Effect


Promotional Branding

Given the turnaround times and relatively low cost of producing promotional products, having a product that will stand out from your competitors and make a lasting impact is more challenging than ever. Having a creative partner that will align your promotional materials with a larger branding mindset and strategic initiative will provide the best return on investment.

  • Aprons, Clothing, Caps

  • Bags, Backpacks

  • Coffee Cup Holders, Stubby Coolers

  • Keyrings, Magnets,

  • Calendars, Photo Books

  • Rulers, Mouse Pads

  • Pens, Notepads

  • Stickers/labels


Publications & Editorial Design

Magazine, book and editorial design is like a creative, typographical, vibrant puzzle. We use a custom-made grid for arranging content such as text, photos and other graphics to complete a visual message from the work of editors, photographers and illustrators. If done properly, all the different content types will fit in the pages allowed, and will look amazing.

  • Magazine Production

  • Racebooks / Form Guides

  • Multi-page Publications

  • Book Design


Banners, Car Magnets, Car Wraps, Billboards

  • Outdoor Vinyl Banners

  • Outdoor Fabric Banners

  • Rollup Banners

  • Vehicle Signage Design

  • Vehicle and Large Scale Magnets


NCR, Letterheads, Forms, Templates, Envelopes

Designing stationery as part of a branding project is always an enjoyable job. Not only can you express your creativity in the artwork, design for print also allows you to experiment with different paper stocks and inks to create premium quality goods.

  • NCR books - Triplicate, Duplicate,

  • Design from excel and convert to press ready files

  • Numbering, Perforation, Full Colour or Mono